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Maroon 5 rocker and "Voice" coach Adam Levine has mixed feeling about being named "People's" Sexiest Man Alive.  On Thursday's "Conan" Levine opened up about the honor.  

Adam hasn't let the honor go to his head.  In fact, he says nowadays he's much less confident about his looks than he was in the past.  Adam described himself as being "delusionally and unreasonably confident" in high school.  He also revealed that he was really into himself and often a jerk during those days. 

Looking back on a high school photo, he called himself a "goober."  Adam also recalled that his favorite romantic line from one of his songs appears in the Maroon 5 track "Woman." 

Adam also dished the dirt on his fellow "Voice" coach Blake Shelton.  While they often appear as adversaries on-air, Adam says Blake is one of his best friends.  In fact, he believes their close friendship allows them to take jabs at each other that would otherwise be offensive. 

The two part season finale of "The Voice" is set to begin Monday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on NBC. 

Check out Adam on 'Conan' below!