It's your future! It's your money!

See Dave LIVE in Grand Rapids and take control of it!


Your family tree is rooted in decisions. This is your chance to branch out and change things for your family and determine your personal legacy. Learn how to change your family tree.

At The Legacy Journey LIVE! Grand Rapids event on Sept. 11th, 2014 at Devos Hall,  Dave will share how to live now so you can leave a powerful legacy for your family. You'll learn how to build wealth and why it's important, the keys to wise investing, and expose toxic beliefs about money. You'll also learn how you can meet your family's future needs, and reach out to impact the world around you. You'll walk away with the practical steps leading from where you are to where you want to be.

Dave's daughter Rachel Cruze will share personal stories of growing up in the Ramsey home. She'll lay out key principles all parents need to make sure kids grow up with a healthy view of money and a solid work ethic. 

You get one legacy. Get it right! Reserve your seats now for Dave Ramsey... The Legacy Journey LIVE! Grand Rapids event, proudly presented by Talk1230 WTKG.