While the reality of the matter is the Los Angeles Clippers are currently NOT for sale, many the celeb will speculate on purchasing an NBA franchise in the wake of yesterday's monumental announcement from NBA commissioner Adam Silver. The first in line would have to be LA Dodgers and LA Sparks owner Magic Johnson and his group. Throwing the name in his hat as next with "dibs" on the Clips? Floyd Money Mayweather.


The biggest issue with Mayweather's desire to own a team? There isn't one for sale yet. Should the team become available, there are a number of hurdles Floyd would still need to jump in order to become an NBA team owner. Among other things, his past would be an issue to a group of NBA owners hoping to avoid another incident in their ranks. Also, Mayweather lacks the funds to make the purchase himself and establishing an ownership group takes time, planning and execution. In that regard, Mayweather is more than a few steps behind Magic and his group. Of course, there's always the chance he has 0 real interest in purchasing a team and is simply doing what he does best by drawing attention to himself right before a fight. But when it comes to boxing's undisputed best, one should know to never bet against Floyd.