The 55-year-old Dearborn Heights man who shot and killed a 19-year-old woman on his porch last year has been sentenced to at least 17 years in prison.

Theodore Wafer was convicted by a Wayne County jury on August 2, after two days of deliberations. He will serve 15-30 years for second degree murder and an additional two years on a felony firearm charge. Wayne County Judge Dana Hathaway today (Wednesday) said she believes Wafer acted out of panic and fear, and that he's not a cold-blooded killer. However, the judge said, she could not go below sentencing guidelines.

Prior to sentencing, Wafer apologized to the family of Renisha McBride, who he shot and killed while she was knocking on his front door in November 2013. Wafer never denied shooting McBride when she showed up drunk on his porch before dawn, but testified that he did so in self-defense after she pounded on his door and allegedly tried to break into his home.

McBride, who had an extremely high blood-alcohol level and traces of marijuana in her system, was shot in the face three hours after she walked away from a car crash in Detroit - about a half-mile away from Wafers home.

Prosecutors said Wafer should have called 911.