A suspicious package put Dorr Elementary students in the safety of their Township Hall, parents are puzzled about how school evacuation notices went out this afternoon.

After 4 p.m., an "All Clear" was issued for Dorr Elementary, part of the Wayland Union school district. State Police in Wayland told WOOD Radio there was a situation they began investigating before 1 p.m. Around an hour into the response, the school district's Facebook page gave details that a "suspicious package" had arrived in the building. Their response called for children to be sent to Dorr Township Hall and Fire station, up the road on 18th Street toward 142nd Avenue. Students were never in any danger, allowed to leave for the day with their parents and bused home at the appointed time.

Michigan State Police in Wayland told WOOD Radio there was a person detained for questioning in this incident and their Bomb Squad unit had been brought in to assure safety on scene.  WSNX "The Morning After" host Ken Evans has a child at the school and told WOOD Radio his first discovery of this incident was through twitter@WoodRadio. "That's frustrating as a parent to not get this information through the school district first."

Evans picked up his child and they "were fine, the other kids were fine, the school district handled things fine in that regard." The concern of Evans and other parents was a lack of messaging through "the phone system that goes out to all (of) the parents in the district and specifically, parents at Dorr Elementary. A lot of parents found out via text, via tweet." Wayland Union's administrative offices have not been available to WOOD Radio phone calls throughout the afternoon.

(Dorr Elementary School picture courtesy Wayland Union Schools website)