A new report continues to underline failures in preparing many Michigan children for the jobs of the 21st century.

The new Kids-Count report is from the Annie E-Casey Foundation. For the first time the report creates an index measuring the conditions for children by race.

Key areas considered in the report were family income level and education performance.

And it shows that Michigan had the third lowest state score in the nation for overall well-being of African-American children, and was only one point better than Mississippi. Wisconsin actually had the worst score.

Overall, the index shows that at the national level, no one racial group has all children meeting all milestones.

Leading in Michigan, just like the national stats, were Asian children, and then followed in succession by whites, American Indians, Hispanic/Latinos, and African Americans.

The report focused on 12 key milestones and conditions for children across racial and ethnic groups for the nation and the states.

The Michigan League for Public Policy says it supports increasing the minimum wage, reinstating the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit to previous levels, and increasing child care subsidies as ways to improve economic outcomes and conditions.