A Philadelphia man faces life in prison in connection for a string a jewelry store heists in the West Michigan area and in Detroit, authorities said Thursday.

Authorities indicted 42-year-old Nathaniel Pembrook in connection with a robbery of the Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry store on Plainfield Ave. in April and for a similar heist in West Bloomfield the same day.

"We are using federal resources to address serious incidents of violent crime, such as these armed robberies, because of the high risk of harm they pose to public safety," U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade said.

Pembrook was injured by a bullet fired by the store owner in the KentCounty heist. Federal authorities used DNA evidence to help track down the suspect.

Surveillance video taken from the Medawar store on Plainfield Ave. show four people entering the store brandishing weapons.