Attorney General Bill Schuette says the state will continue its lawsuit to close down the Bay Mills Indian Community casino in Vanderbilt despite Tuesday's U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The nation's highest court ruled that Michigan was barred from suing the tribe to stop operations at the 84 slot machine casino north of Gaylord because of Bay Mills’ tribal sovereign immunity.

However, the court did hold open the possibility the state could attempt to block the casino through other means, such as suing individual tribal officials for conducting gambling without a license.

The Supreme Court’s ruling remands the case to federal district court for further proceedings.

Schuette says while the district court will not be able to order the tribe as an entity to refrain from breaking state law as he had originally requested, it will be able to order specific tribal officials to follow state law.

Schuette says using this tool and others identified by the Supreme Court, the State will continue to enforce Michigan’s laws against "illegal off-reservation gaming."