A pair of bills have been introduced in the state House that would establish basic training requirements for security guards.

Michigan is one of seven states that currently requires no training for security guards, even for those who are armed.

The legislation called the ‘Safe Security Guard’ Act would require that individuals be trained in several areas before being allowed to work as a security guard.

They include proper use of tasers, pepper spray and other self-defense devises and agents; legal aspects of the security guard business and the use of force; customer service issues, including, but not limited to, working with and addressing the public; first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and foreign body obstruction of the airway and emergency preparedness

The legislation comes after a number of incidents involving interactions between the public and security guards with little or no training, including a 25-year old man who died after being handcuffed and pepper sprayed by security guards last month at the Northland Mall in the Detroit suburb of Southfield.