Midwest Boy Scouts can again learn how to sail the Great Lakes.
Published reports say that this summer Scouts will take week long trips on the Michigan Crossroads Council's sailboat, the Retriever.

It's been six years since such a program was available.

Scouts had sailed the Great Lakes from the 1960s to the mid-2000s in two sailboats until both  failed U.S. Coast Guard inspections in 2008.
The Retriever is a $300,000 52-foot ketch built in 1980. The aluminum racing boat has been upgraded with new masts, sails, wiring and radio equipment.
The Council got the Retriever through donations from Reinhardt Jahn, The Jahn Family Foundation and the boat's original owner Dr. David Verdier.
It is docked in Mackinaw City. It takes its first trip with Scouts in July.