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CALEDONIA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Neighbors are keeping an eye out for anything unusual after a series of robberies south of Grand Rapids this week.

There were 10 burglaries in Caledonia Township on Wednesday alone, the Kent County Sheriff’s Department says. The thief or thieves hit homes in the area of 68th, 76th and 84th streets and Whitneyville Avenue.

The burglar has been breaking into houses during the day when people are at work, prying open doors or squeezing through unlocked windows. He leaves behind expensive electronics and concentrates on finding cash.

One man on 68th Street said he may have seen the burglar. Greg Stevens said a suspicious man knocked on his door and may have been surprised when he answered it.

The stranger told Stevens he was looking for a man named Josh about a roofing job, but the address he said “Josh” gave him wasn’t the house he knocked at. Then, Stevens said, the stranger asked about his neighbor’s house.

“I thinking something doesn’t add up,” Stevens said.

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