In the three weeks since the Army Corps of Engineers and the US EPA together proposed new rules under the Clean Water Act,  some members of the the craft beer industry have signed on with the environmental effort.  

Jason Spaulding, who is president of Brewery Vivant, is one who tells WOOD Radio that "beer is 94 percent water", so access to clean water is essential for his business.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, a lobbying group, recruited him and other craft beer makers to help sell the newest plan from the two government environmental agencies to try to protect upland water.

They say that court rulings, going back to a 2001 US Supreme Court decision, have confused the issue of what waters are covered by the Clean Water Act.  The two agencies proposed new rules in late March that would have this Act's mandates imposed on headwaters as small as seasonal inland creeks. 

Previous definitions had talked of "navigable waters".