More than 1.12 (M) million Michigan residents will travel 50 miles or more from home during the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend, or about one-percent more than those who traveled last year, according to a new survey from "Triple-A Michigan."

Of those, over 1 million people plan to travel by auto, while more than 43,000 will travel by air and over 79,000 travelers will go by rail, bus or ship. 

Those driving to their holiday destinations may find less pain at the pump when gassing up, as most U.S. consumers are paying the lowest gas prices for early August since 2010. Triple-A expects gas prices to have little impact on the number of people traveling for Labor Day, though lower prices could help make travel more affordable.

Nationally, Triple-A estimates 34-point-seven (M) million Americans will travel between Thursday August 28th through Monday September 1st. That's a 1.3 percent increase from one year ago. Eighty-six percent of national travelers plan to go by vehicle.