WOOD RADIO has more detail following this morning's police standoff in in southern Kent County.

The statement from the Kent County Sheriff reads as follows.

On 8/7/14 at approximately 5:10am Kent County Dispatch received a 911 call from a cell phone. The female caller stated (in a hushed voice) the address of 7439 Eastern and added “send the Police, now” before hanging up. Several minutes later dispatch received an additional call, this time from a land line at 7439 Eastern. This time a female stated the address before hanging up.

With units from the Sheriff’s Department on scene, dispatch was able to make phone contact with a male subject before the line disconnected.

Information was obtained that a male that resided at that address had several outstanding warrants, including a felony warrant for his arrest.

A search warrant was then obtained for the residence and executed by the Kent County Sheriff Department Tactical Team. This resulted in the arrest of the male subject on the outstanding warrants and the securing of an additional male subject and a female.

In a subsequent interview, Detectives learned that there had been a domestic dispute between the male and his wife of two years. That dispute had resulted in the female making the 911 calls.

The prosecutor’s office will be reviewing the information to determine any additional charges