Weather permitting, the owners of several popular downtown restaurants say they'll open street patios up for their debut Tuesday night.

"We think these outdoor ‘street patios’ will be the hottest seats in town on pleasant summer and fall nights," Mark Sellers, founder of BarFly Ventures, said Tuesday.

Starting at 4 p.m., outdoor spaces for dining and drinks, dubbed parklets, are available in front of Grand Rapids Brewing Co., Stella's Lounge and McFadden's Restaurant in downtown in Ionia Ave and Commerce Ave.

BarFly Ventures said the idea is to bring a more positive atmosphere to the bustling downtown restaurant district.

The owners said they worked on the new outdoor dining spaces through a partnership with Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. and Downtown Development Authority.

"Parklets help emphasize the importance of spaces for people in creating a vibrant public realm," Kristopher Larson, president of Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., said.