With the heating needs in this unsually cold winter, last week, Governor Snyder took some emergency measures to make propane more easily available in this wicked winter. 

He also has the state's DHS department working out additional financial help for people who need the heat. 

And, for those who have woodburners and may be running low, the state's DNR is offering it's "Fuel Wood permits" six weeks earlier than usual, as well.

"The permits are $20 for up to 5 standard cords of wood.  It's for personal use only; you can't resell it," the DNR's Doug Heym outlines the requisites for WOOD Radio.

Heym says millions of acres of state forest north of US-10 have a lot dead-and-down firewood that folks use to heat their cabins and homes.  Usually getting to it in the snow is difficult, but the state says many people may be willing to undergo that hardship to stay warm.