Governor Rick Snyder is urging propane customers in Michigan to get their tanks filled before the heating season starts.

The Governor says last winter was one everyone in the state will remember, especially for some propane customers who found it challenging to find additional propane as cold temperatures lingered. He adds that now is the time to get an early fill, lock-in prices ahead of the heating season and get on a budget payment plan, if available.

Snyder announced that various state agencies are ready to assist propane customers, should the upcoming winter put a squeeze on propane supplies again.

The Michigan Public Service Commission has created a new website where customers can get more details about all state-related propane programs.

The PSC will also now monitor wholesale propane prices throughout the state to look for any indications of price or supply problems that may be developing in specific areas, and it will continue to list the average statewide price of propane for residential customers on its website.