A group which supports wolf hunting in Michigan has submitted more than 374-thousand petition signatures to the Michigan Secretary of State, in order to ensure that wolf hunting will continue in Michigan.

The group Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management, says its ballot proposal will ask voters to put game species decisions in the hands of the governor-appointed Natural Resources Commission, and not the Michigan Legislature.

The proposal will become law and will not go to the ballot, if the Michigan Legislature approves it within 40 days. The current makeup of the NRC has supported the idea of a controlled wolf hunt.

Supporters say the NRC should make such decisions because they have expertise in the area. Senate Republican Tom Casperson of Escanaba notes that the NRC "is a bipartisan coalition that takes testimony from DNR biologists, independent biologists and experts, and public input." He also notes that wolves have become a nuisance in the Upper Peninsula, so a controlled wolf hunt should be allowed.

Wolf hunting opponents say lawmakers, who are elected by the people, should make game species decisions. This is potentially the third wolf-hunting related proposal that could be headed to the ballot this year. The other two are supported by wolf hunting opponents who support a ban on wolf hunting.

If Michigan lawmakers approve this proposal within 40 days, it will become law and no statewide vote will be held. In the meantime, the proposal includes one million dollars to fight the Asian carp and other invasives species.

And because it includes the appropriation, it could not be repealed by petition drive since budget bills are immune from referendum under the Michigan Constitution.