In case you haven't noticed, there has been a bit of a gasoline price war in some parts of west Michigan.

Some stations have been selling unleaded regular for as low as the mid 3-50s. Gasbuddy dot com Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan tells WOOD Radio

"Wesco, Admiral and Speedway have a significant footprint in west Michigan and have been trying to undercut each other, which is great if you are a motorist."

DeHaan says what goes down will come up. With prices in the 3-50's, gas stations are losing money on gas. Add in the news that gas prices in Ohio and Kentucky are up to $3.95 a gallon, Michigan is usually right behind. If you need gas, think about buying now.

"So if you have to fill up, now is a good time to find the cheap prices becuase tomorrow prices could be 40 cents a gallon higher.