Grand Rapids' residents don't have massive incomes but Forbes Magazine points out our cost of living is low and homeowners are plenty.

The magazine's annual "Best Places to Raise a Family" report is just out and only Raleigh, North Carolina has better marks in the composite scoring used by the financial magazine. A John Ball Zoo picture gives the local image, the story cites Grand Rapids' best in the nation home ownership rate of 77% and a low cost of living. The rating comes despite median family income for the area being under $50,000.

Raleigh, NC is lauded as the income levels are in the upper third of all U.S. metro areas, crime is low and they have quality schools.

The remainder of the list includes Odgen, UT (#3), Omaha, NE (#4), Youngstown, OH (#5), Des Moines, IA (#6), Boise, ID (#7), Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA (#8), Cincinnati, OH (#9) and Provo, Utah closes at #10.