Get ready for another seat belt enforcement crackdown.

"Just like drivers plan for road closures and construction, we’re also reminding people they’ll be encountering safety belt enforcement zones and extra enforcement next week. To ensure smooth travel, simply buckle up," said Michael L. Prince, Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) director.

In recent years the state’s seat belt use rate has fallen from a high of 97.9 percent in 2009 to 93 percent last year. Since that all-time-high belt use rate, the state’s traffic deaths have increased from 871 in 2009 to 951 in 2013.

Melody Kindraka, spokesperson for the Michigan Office of State Highway Safety Planning tells WOOD Radio the state's effort centered around saving lives.

"We want you to wear seat belts. It is not about writing tickets. We do know that sometimes the threat of a ticket can be a motivating factor."

Get caught not wearing a seat belt, it'll cost you $65.

The enforcement zones begin May 19.

Last year during the seat belt mobilization, officers issued more than 9,000 seat belt citations but also found drunk drivers, motorists with suspended licenses and made misdemeanor and felony arrests.