It has been a West Michigan landmark since the 1960s. It set the standard for businesses of its type nationwide. Today, Loeks Theatres announced the vacant Studio 28-20 Screen Theatre complex will be demolished.

Emily Loeks tells WOOD Radio even though the building has been vacant since 2008, many people have fond memories of their days at the movies.

"Peoples first jobs, first dates, all kinds of crazy things happened in that place. My first movie was seen there. It was a personally significant place for a lot of us."

Loeks says there has been interest in the building and property over the years, but with nothing concrete and the building getting older, now is the right time to bring it down.

"There are safety considerations that make demolishing the building better for the site."

Loeks says once permits are issued and crews are ready to bring down the building, a plan will be in place for well-wishers to obtain bricks and other pieces of the building.