WOOD Radio remains your home for every Grand Rapids Griffins game, but a fledgling television network hopes a sizable portion of the AHL team's schedule can be their foundation.

Michigan Entertainment Sports President Peter Schinkai joined Griffins executives for an announcement this afternoon at the Van Andel Arena. A three year, 40 game minimum schedule will air on the network basing in the Detroit suburb of Wixom. Tim Gortsema, Grand Rapids' Senior Vice President of Business Operations said with regard to TV exposure "there's a significant void once it gets to the AAA level for entities like the Griffins. We're pleased and proud to be partnered with MES, they're giving us a three year agreement." That will include a minimum of 40 games a year in high definition, at least ten of those will be at Van Andel Arena. The last TV package for the Griffins was in 2008-09, with a portion of the 2013 Calder Cup final airing in this region.

Schinkai said they plan to be a 24/7 network with hockey, football, basketball and baseball which is "heavily going to be on different coverage in Michigan and Ohio. This is our first partnership, but definitely not our last that we will be announcing in the coming weeks." Bob Kaser, the Griffins' Vice President of Community Relations and Broadcasting will continue in play by play, MES indicating in the Griffins release that WOOD Radio will have the simulcast. WOOD has aired the team's games since its inception.