WOOD RADIO is receiving many comments on the passing of Grand Rapids businessman and philanthropist Peter Wege.

"We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of our partner in philanthropy, Peter Wege.

For decades his foundation, The Wege Foundation and Grand Rapids Community Foundation worked on capital and environmental projects in a co-funding role. His deep personal devotion to education, the arts and especially the environment, along with his willingness to give financial support to many, many projects has made Grand Rapids a better and more environmentally conscious community."

Diana R. Sieger, President, Grand Rapids Community Foundation.


The following is a statement from Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal:


“On behalf of Grand Rapids Public Schools and the Grand Rapids Board of Education, I extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Peter Wege. Mr. Wege was a generous supporter of Grand Rapids Public Schools, and showed a passion and commitment for environmental education.

His legacy will live on through the students who learned to value the environment at City High Middle School, Blandford, and the Center for Economicology, which was named after him and the term he coined. Mr. Wege was the lead donor for the construction of Blandford School, and his foundation developed the vision for the project and worked tirelessly to raise the remaining funds. His $1.5 million gift got kids out of portable classrooms and into a beautiful, green built building.

We are grateful to Mr. Wege for his generosity and will remember him as a valued partner who helped us build the state’s leading environmental schools.”