If you've got the time, Grand Valley State University has items they're done with ready to sell in downtown Grand Rapids tomorrow.

The Surplus Store concept is something new for the institution, according to Strategic Sourcing Specialist Aaron Caccamo. "We would either dispose of (items) on eBay or Craigslist, or work with a department if they want to sell an item, then purchase a new item. We'd allow them to do that." Caccamo said many of the computers and other bits of technology for sale have followed a path of usage across the campus. "It's used at a faculty or staff desk, once that needs to be replaced it might go to a computer lab, it may move to a student work station." He said the university is a Microsoft reseller, a basic operating system will be available on those computers (pc and laptop) for purchase and "they'll cost maybe $40 to $180, depending on the quality, the brand and what operating system could be used."

The Store is at 140 Front Street, across from the Seidman College of Business building and the "Bicycle Factory" on the south end of GVSU's Pew or downtown Grand Rapids campus. Caccamo said circumstance will dictate when they have the next surplus sale.

"For example on Saturday if we sell 70% to 80% of our inventory, we'll have to wait until we collect more from departments around the campuses before we have another one."

Hours tomorrow will be 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Cash, Credit Card and Check will be accepted and the revenues go to defray tuition costs.

{photo credit:  GVSU Promotions video}