Psychological factors may be at play in some sectors of the West Michigan economy, through slow growth continues, a GVSU survey showed.

monthly survey compiled by Brian G. Long, director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business, say business indices are rebounding at respectable levels.

Automotive components manufacturers are doing well, though some firms were lagging behind their peers. Parts of the furniture sector are stable, while other parts of the business economy were mixed, the survey showed.

Long said there may be some psychological factors at work that are muting some of the positive reports on the broader economy.

"It's probably based more on the news than it is necessarily looking at the industrial statistics that we are looking at right now," he said.

Nevertheless, Long said most regional businesses were far from the lay-off stage.

Of the 83 counties in Michigan, Kent County has the lowest unemployment rate -- 5.2 percent followed by Barry and Ottawa counties with 5.3 percent.