They have the backhoes digging and the dump trucks trucking the snow away from the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. 

The season starts Saturday and even though there may not be "a flood of people" right away, Operations Director Allmon Forrester expects "our biggest fans will come." 

Despite the latest Arctic cool down, he wants you to remember that the  Zoo offers several indoor viewing areas that could make you feel like you're in the tropics. 

The Zoo says the  Aquarium offers a flock of Magellanic penguins, a 40,000 gallon kelp forest tank, a replica of a tide pool and an eel.   The chimps are inside and the grizzly bear, snow leopards, puma and otter will all be outside.

On Opening Day, Saturday, visitors  may get  up close and personal with some of the animals including the new baby caiman.

The Zoo is open 10-to-4 each day into May.  $5 for adults, $4 for kids 3-12 years.  Here's more info.