Even though the race for governor is tied, a prominent pollster predicts Republican Governor Rick Snyder will re-election but the U.S. Senate contest is too close to call.

Republican pollster Steve Mitchell believes the governor's race is so close because voters are blaming Snyder and the GOP-controlled legislature for passing tough and controversial legislation such as Right to Work and a senior pension tax that anger citizens and segments of the population.

Mitchell says as a result, people in Michigan are now blaming only the Republicans for things that they see wrong with state government but he predicts with Snyder now running commercials until the election, the tide will turn in his direction.

As for the U.S. Senate race, GOP candidate Terri Lynn Land has refused to debate Democrat Gary Peters, something Mitchell believes is a mistake.He says once you debate several times, you have the answers from your opponent, your confidence goes up and at the end, all of the debates are a draw.

Mitchell believes Peters' biggest liability is being linked to President Obama.