The Kent County Board of Commissioners vote on a proposed Dedicated Veterans Millage on Thursday.


Paul Potter, Chair of the County’s Veterans Affairs Committee, tells WOOD Radio Kent County has the fourth-largest veterans’ population of any county in Michigan, yet ranks 50th of 83 counties in federal dollars awarded.


If approved by the Board, the proposal would call for a .050 mill Dedicated Veterans Millage. If passed by voters in November, the millage would generate slightly over $1 million for increased outreach and emergency services and a more than doubling of federal claims assistance hours available.


Right now, Kent County spends $8 per veteran, while its next-closest peer, Oakland County, spends over three times that at $27 and Livingston County spends almost eight times as much at $55 per veteran. If the dedicated millage were passed, Kent County would spend approximately $36 per veteran.


Potter says a yes vote cost the average Kent County property owner around $5 dollars a year in increased taxes for the next eight years.