A recent report shows a 3 percent gap in college graduation rates between white and Latino students in Michigan, which has the 20th largest Latino population in the United States.

The report by Excelencia in Education showed 17 percent of Latino students in the state receive an undergraduate degree per 100 enrolled students versus 20 percent of white students receiving an undergraduate degree.

The report showed Michigan State University leading in the amount of Hispanic students enrolling at 3 percent of the enrollees, but the University of Michigan leads with the amount of Hispanic students receiving degrees at 4 percent.

In terms of degree attainment, 20 percent of Latinos in Michigan receive an associate's degree or higher, while 34 percent of all other adults in the state receive an associate's degree or higher.

The group's goal is for Latinos to earn 5.5 million college degrees nationwide before 2020.

The report said for the state to help reach that goal, it must close the equity gap in college completion, increase the number of degrees conferred and scale up programs and initiatives that work for Latino and other students.