Gilda's LaughFest plans a volunteer orientation Thursday evening, 6:30 at the Steelcase University, 901 44th Street, SE.  It will run for two hours.

Both registered volunteers and those thinking about it are encouraged to attend the event.   If you are not yet signed up, they will take you on that night.

Laughfest says its volunteer opportunities event promotion, logistics, retail, ticket taking, and office support.

In particular, they need added volunteer support to the FUNderwear Run, back of house duties such as technical assistance, and to events taking place in Holland and Lowell.

More information regarding volunteer opportunities can be found at


Gilda’s LaughFest was created n 2011 and has averaged 55,000 attendees per year. Proceeds from the festival will go to support the free cancer, grief, and emotional health programs offered through Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. Visit or call 616-735-HAHA (4242) to learn more about Gilda’s LaughFest.