The spokesperson for 200 Black pastors is accusing a group of former lawmakers and others as being racists on the gay rights issue.

Former GOP speaker Rick Johnson, former state senator Joe Schwarz and anti-affirmative action advocate Jennifer Gratz have filed a brief with the federal courts in favor of gay rights.

Gratz is the woman who took the University of Michigan all the way to the US Supreme Court in her battle against skin color being used in determining University admission.  President Kennedy introduced the phrase "Affirmative Action" in 1961. 

Reverend Stacy Swimp of Black Ministers of Michigan says to block blacks from using affirmative action to get into college and then to demand rights for gays is racist.

The Flint pastor is also offended that the gay rights movement is framing their issue as a civil rights issue similar to the civil rights battle by blacks.

Governor Snyder has refused to wade into this controversy but the pastor says his group will try to force the governor to take a stance before the election.


{photo: Facebook}