Michigan lawmakers have headed back home for their spring break.

Lawmakers had been in session for 35 days since the governor's State of the State address.

And some of what he called for is being accomplished, such as a $65 million program to place every pre-school child into a pre-school program, as well as some additional spending in the K-12 system.

And lawmakers also have said yes to a new office on immigration as part of the governor's effort to bring more highly skilled workers to the state. His proposal to expand the special school district for failing schools called the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) may have hit a roadblock in the Senate, however.

And while the governor is happy lawmakers have approved more than $200 million more to road funding, the legislature has not approved his proposal for a longer term solution to road and bridge maintenance.

House members take the next two weeks off and are scheduled to be in town four days this month. Senators are off for three weeks and set for five session days near the end of the month.