Health organizations in Michigan are locking arms in an effort to increase Michigan's child vaccination rate.

Michigan ranks fourth highest nationally, in the percentage of non-medical vaccination exemptions.

In fact, more than five percent of parents in the state simply choose not to immunize their children, and only three other states, Oregon, Vermont and Idaho, have non-medical exemption rates over five percent. Higher vaccination rates mean a healthier world for everyone, according to Dr. Andrea Amalfitano in the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University.

But Michigan is not going in the right direction. For example, there were nearly one-thousand cases of whooping cough in Michigan last year alone, an 18-percent increase over 2012. And many children required hospitalization because of it.

He and other professionals say the need to do a better job in showing parents that immunization is still one of the best ways to protect their children from preventable diseases.