As Michigan lawmakers continue to debate a proposal to repeal the state's ban on ticket scalping, a new poll shows public support for changes to the state’s 1931 ticket resale law.

Currently, Michigan law prohibits the "average" person from reselling event tickets for more than face value without the written consent of the venue.

But a new Zogby opinion poll from Michigan Ticket Fairness shows more than three fourths of respondents 76.3 percent said it's unfair that fans are forced to use only venue or team approved resale websites to sell their tickets instead of being able to engage in a direct transaction.

Respondents were also asked whether they believe it is fair or unfair for professional and college sports teams in Michigan to receive taxpayer money to support their venue or programs while also opposing a person's ability to resell tickets?" Sixty nine percent said it was unfair that venues opposed fans’ right to resell their tickets and 64 percent said that publicly funded venues or teams should not continue to receive taxpayer money.

The Michigan House passed legislation, last month, that would give fans the right to buy and sell tickets above face value without needing to use venue or team-approved resellers. The legislation is now in the Senate.