A report of a teen going halfway around the world was a matter of a family visit, not a flight from a rape charge.

Ann Kettner spoke with WOOD TV about last weekend's incident at her home in Green Township, north of Big Rapids. Around eight to ten minors were there and Patrick Kettner, an 18 year old is accused of raping a 15 year old guest. 19 year old Douglas Robinson has also been charged in the attack.

Mrs. Kettner told WOOD TV there had been discussion about her son visiting his father, who serves in the U.S. Coast Guard. "His dad lives in Guam, he went to visit his dad. The mother went on to say Patrick denies wrongdoing and has no criminal record. “He was joining the Marines. He was in the advanced entry program. That’s all he’d trained his whole life for, and he was ready to go off and, that’s all taken from him. He’s a great kid.”

The Mecosta County Sheriff's Department raided the Kettner home early Monday, Patrick went west Sunday night. They used State Police and Immigrations and Customers Enforcement help to track the teen and extradition is likely.