Michigan State Police motor carrier officers conducted more than 1,100 commercial vehicle safety inspections during this year’s Roadcheck international enforcement operation, which took place June 3 - 5.

Roadcheck is a joint effort of federal, state and local inspectors from the United States, Canada and Mexico to address safety and security on North American highways.

State Police say during the enforcement period, officers focused on driver qualifications and compliance, safety violations, hazardous materials compliance and homeland security issues.

In total, motor carrier officers conducted 1,282 traffic stops that resulted in 1,107 safety inspections and 440 traffic citations during the three-day period. Additionally, one drug possession arrest and seven fugitive arrests were made.

82 truck drivers were cited for operating overweight, oversize vehicles or for spilling cargo onto the roadway. 114 citations were issued for serious equipment violations and 24 drivers were cited for hours-of-service violations.