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photo from ugly house   

The City of Muskegon Police Department, in efforts to address blight issues around the City, would like to remind all Residents, Visitors, and Motorists who have cars parked on front or side lawns in the City of Muskegon that City Ordinance #8.10y holds that there is no parking allowed on grass or “unimproved areas.” 

The ban on lawn parking is nothing new -- it's always been a violation of the city zoning ordinance. What is new is a reduction in the amount of the fine from $100 to $15, and now these citations can be written by both City Code and Law Enforcement Officials. 

The issue of yard parking has been an ongoing source of complaints. Enforcement of yard parking is hoped to help preserve curbs and grassy areas from vehicle damage by residents "routinely jumping the curb" to park on grassy areas.


For full details, view this message on the web.