The Committee to Restore Michigan’s Part-time Legislature has suspended its campaign to restore Michigan’s citizen-driven, part-time legislature. 

 The committe says it was going to fall short of collecting enough valid signatures to get the amendment on the ballot this coming November.   The committee's Norm Kammaraad also says in an effort to block the ballot initiative,  a bill was introduced to keep lawmakers in Lansing for 90 straight days -- giving the appearance of a part time legislature -- but keeping lawmaker pay at the full-time rate.  

"That is not part time.  It is essentially full-time but a shortened version.  We need to get them back in the district.  There is just no way keeping them there ( in Lansing ) is going to gain anything."

Kammeraad tells WOOD Radio the legislature has only the state budget to watch over, not the moe than 18 hundred bills that were created this past session.   Kammeraad  says most of the proposed bills were unneccessary and costly. 

"If they want to save money, they should be a part time legislature and cut the number of bills introduced to maybe five or ten a year and save the $900 million-plus that is wasted generating paper for these bills and shove that into roads."

From the Committee to Restore Michigan's Part-time Legislature....

 "We understand the importance of this Amendment for all of Michigan’s citizens. Our passion for this cause has not diminished. We will move forward. The Committee will not dissolve.  We will carefully examine all facets of our recent campaign. We will consult with our growing list of allies in the full-time legislature, with other experienced grassroots activists, and with other organizations committed to the principle of popular sovereignty.  And then we will return to you with a revitalized approach that looks forward to victory in November 2016, or even sooner.

 We encourage all of our volunteers and friends to continue to stay engaged and to support candidates in the upcoming elections who have openly endorsed our campaign.  This website will continue to be a source for updates and information for our supporters.  Please feel free to contact the Committee at any time with suggestions.

 A special thank you to all of our County Contacts; and thanks, too, to the many donors and volunteers who supported our campaign.  We look forward to working together again as we continue to labor for what we believe is best for the great state of Michigan."