A new report on Michigan’s 2013 tourism industry from the Toronto-based tourism research firm Longwoods International says the state’s Pure Michigan campaign drove more than 4 million trips last year, producing $1.2 billion in economic impact.

State officials said $13 million was spent on out of state advertising for the Pure Michigan advertising campaign.

Visitor spending influenced by the campaign generated $86.5 million in tax revenue, a return of $6.66 on every $1 spent in the campaign.

That return was up from $5.76 in 2012. The cumulative return on investment since the Pure Michigan campaign began in 2006 is now $4.50, up from $4.10. In 2013, Pure Michigan attracted 2.4 million visitors from the Great Lakes region and 1.6 million visitors from more distant markets nationwide.

That is up from the 3.8 million out-of-state trips the campaign motived in 2012 - 2.3 million from the Great Lakes region and 1.5 million from distant markets. Last year’s national advertising campaign aired more than 5,000 times on 25 cable TV channels and had a total budget of $13 million.

Pure Michigan’s 2014 national advertising campaign will launch March 17.