Five taxing questions were on ballots in West Michigan's February ballot.

The only relatively easy one is the renewal of the "non-homestead tax" in Allegan County that applies only to businesses and secondary homes like vacation cottages in the Martin Public School district.

The Gull Lake Community Schools district in Barry County asks for a .65 mill tax for nine  years of building and parking lot security. Specific projects include "energy improvements", security and parking lot upgrades.

The Morley-Stanwood schools want one mill of extra tax for 7 years for a "sinking fund" used to repair buildings. They believe it would generate $140,000 dollars each year.

There were two big regional issues at the Muskegon and Ionia ISD's.  Both are considered "tech-and-security upgrades".  Because they are "regional enhancement millages", the money would be funneled to local school districts in each ISD's area, for local decisions on specific projects. 

The Ionia ISD proposal is one extra mill of tax for five years and is expected to generate about $1.725 million in the first year. 

The Muskegon ISD proposal is one mill for ten years.  In a strong promotional campaign, supporters say it will cost only $41 for each household each year, and generate an extra $161 per student for local districts.

Voters approved the Muskegon County ISD millage 6285 in favor, 6099 against.