An effort to require training for security guards in Michigan is apparently stalled in the state legislature and one of the sponsors isn’t happy about it.

The bill was sparked by the death of a Ferndale man at Northland Mall in January.
Michigan is one of just seven states that requires no training for security guards, and that’s why State Representative Thomas Stallworth said it’s needed. 

A Michigan State University study finds security guards aren't adequately prepared to handle their jobs.

The study, conducted by MSU criminologists and published in Security Journal, found security guards were ill prepared to handle troublesome customers, deal with fights and even protect themselves.  

Private security guards interviewed say they need more training and for that training to be standardized.   

The study found that, despite a dramatic doubling in the hiring of unarmed security guards, industry regulations haven't been updated since 1982.  

The study found the United States lags behind Australia and Europe in setting standards and accountability for the private security industry.

{photo:  Wikimedia Commons}