Should bicyclists also pay a user fee for Michigan roadways?

Some have said they should, but bicyclists are quick to point out that they already support roads, through taxes that supply revenue to the state's General Fund, which in recent years has helped to support roads.

Others have questioned if that's enough, since motorists pay both the gas tax as well as taxes that go into the General Fund. The question was briefly raised during a recent legislative committee in Lansing, during testimony on bike trails in the state.

Michigan House Republican Ken Goike of Macomb County, says he's not opposed to bicyclists, but there's significant costs to our transportation funding on (bike lanes and trails).

There have been some who have suggested registration or other fees on bikers. But John Lindenmayer of the Michigan League for Bicylists says they (quote) "are not necessarily in support" (of that).

But he adds that many bike lanes carry minimal costs since the only needs often only involve lane paint.