It's long been said that there's two things you should not look closely at. That is lawmaking, and sausage making.

On Thursday, the Michigan House managed to cover both things in one fell swoop.

The House approved and sent to the Senate, a measure allowing food processors to mix wild game meat from more than one owner, providing for "Wild Game Sausage." Under current law, those who process wild game harvested by a hunter must completely clean their equipment between each and every animal.

The new legislation removes that condition when the end result is not for sale. Customers will be informed of this provision.

Sponsors say that wild game hunters don’t expect machines to be cleaned between processing, and such cleaning as never been common practice, adding that the bill clarifies the law to reflect (quote) "a harmless practice that has hardly been enforced.

" In celebration of this legislation, bill sponsor, House Republican Andrea LaFontaine will be offering samples of Wild Game Sausage to members of the House next session.

The bill is supported by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development and now heads to the Senate.