A Detroit Public Schools teacher fired after she used a broomstick to try to break up a violent fight between two teenage boys is being allowed to return to the classroom.

Education Achievement Authority spokesperson Chrystal Wilson said after further review of the April 30 incident at Pershing High School, the EAA has decided to reinstate Tiffani Eaton as a teacher.

Wilson said Eaton will receive retroactive pay from the date of her dismissal and will have the option of being assigned to another school within the district, if she chooses.

Eaton, who was hired in January, was fired earlier this month for apparently violating the corporal punishment provision under the Michigan school code by striking a child with a broom.

A video of the fight between the two ninth-grade students was posted online and viewed thousands of times.

The boys involved in the fight, ages 15 and 16, received suspensions. It’s not clear if Eaton will take her job back.



Photo Credit: YouTube.com/VideoSnippet