If you get caught not wearing a seat belt during Michigan's annual Click It or Ticket'' safety belt enforcement zones and extra enforcement period, which began today, you have no one to blame but yourself.

"We've announced our exact locations, where we are going to be, what day and times we are going to be there. We have electronic signs warning drivers there is a seat belt enforcement zone ahead."

Ottawa County Sheriffs Department's Lt. Steve Austin tells WOOD RADIO even with a week's notice and warning signs as drivers approach the enforcement zone, drivers are still caught not wearing their seat belt.

"It is amazing how many tickets we can write in a zone like that, that has been pre-advertised and several signs warn motorists that they are about to drive thru an enforcement zone. We can write 60 seat belt tickets in four or five hours."

Austin says each of the zones will have electronic signs warning drivers , and drivers are still caught not wearing a seat belt. Once stopped, things things can get ugly.

"Once that vehicle is pulled over, a seat belt violation is a $65 dollar fine. We also make driving without a licence arrests, write a lot of tickets for child safety seat violations, no proof of insurance violations. There are a lot of tickets that can result from a traffic stop."

Austin says drivers would do well to simply wear a seat belt.