If you find gas selling for less than $3.60 a gallon -- buy it.  

Patrick Dehaan at GasBuddy dot com tells WOOD Radio prices are on their way up again.

"Prices across west Michigan are going to $3.79. It is still below the peak price we saw a couple weeks ago when prices hit $3.89."

Dehaan says prices dropped to the point gas stations were not longer making a profit on gasoline. 

"We are going to go back up to maybe a 20 cent ( profit ) margin. Of course, as soon as it goes up it starts coming back down. That is the kind of cyclical nature of the game."

With Memorial Day and the summer driving season approaching, Dehaan expects a bit of good news.

"June usually features the lowest gas prices of the summer. That is because July and August sees an influence from hurricane season. Looking at the entire summer, even if you can't hit the road until July or August, prices should be lower than last year."