Gilda's LaughFest makes it a point of honor to set a silly world record on opening night each year. 

Who can forget the 925 rubber chickens that shattered the world record in 2011?  Or the 607 people wearing chicken beaks two years ago?  Then it was moustaches in 2013.

For opening night next week Thursday, LaughFest organizers hope to establish another Guinness World Record for the most people wearing sunglasses in the dark.

This "will help set the stage for 10-days of laughter for the health of it,” said  Wendy Wigger, president of Gilda’s LaughFest and Gilda's Club Grand Rapids.

LaughFest headliners this year include Jay Leno, Jim Gaffigan, Lily Tomlin, Sinbad, Mike Birbiglia, and Chris Tucker.

Learn more about LaughFest here.