Luxury travel group Virtuoso said Tuesday taking the family to countries with emerging companies may pay off in the future.

"One of the smartest things you can do, if you have the means, is take your kids to China or India or Brazil," Virtuoso Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Matthew Upchurch said in a statement Tuesday. 

Virtuoso examined the top destinations for travel overall and found Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom among the best European destinations. Elsewhere, New Zealand, Croatia and Chile were among the "hot spots" unveiled by the travel group.

Upchurch said travel in a globalized world may serve as an educational tool that goes behind the immediate family.

"These countries will influence much of the business being done now and in the future, and kids who have insight into these cultures, who learn to adapt in unfamiliar surroundings early on, and who gain an understanding of the world around them, will have a certain advantage when it's time to enter the workforce," he said.