It has been a busy day for pothole repair --- with crews returning to many of the same spots as a week ago.


Without consistently warmer, drier weather, the current cold patch will only last a day or so.

Jerry Byrne with the Kent County Road Commission tells WOOD Radio grinding up the worst sections of county road for the short term is a better way to spend what little money they have.

"We are really just trying to address these worst-case areas. It is safer and more efficient to turn them to gravel than to try and pot hole patch every time it rains."

Byrne says the county roads turned to gravel won't be long in length or last very long.

"It would be shoulder to shoulder, but only it stretches. It may be a thousand feet, skip a thousand feet, do another. We just trying to address the worst areas."

Byrne says all county roads will be considered but they have come up with a few streets already.

"Number one is a piece of Ada Drive from Forest Hills and Maple Hill. There is stretch of Cascade Road from Buttrick to Snow and a piece of Three Mile from the Grand Rapids city limit east to DeanLake."

The newly-formed gravel stretches would eventually be repaved -- but only after the ground thaws completely -- with repaving finished by the end of June.